Connecting Moments #201 – #215

I’m a little late with my Monday post and I was so tempted to leave it and move one.  But, I love sharing my moments.  Just as easy as it would be to move on and not post them, it’s easy to rush past them every day.   These are my little connections.  They remind me of who my Creator is and how he has blessed me with my family.  Connecting moments are His daily gift for me.  Slow down, connect with those around you and share your moments.

201. Little hands grasping my leg for a hug.

202. The gift of a special woobie because he said I don’t have one and he wanted me to have his.

203. Catching bubbles.

204. The quick snap of a bean from the hands next to mine.

205. A gentle reminder that my laundry can wait in order to play with my dad, husband and daughter.

206. Looking outside the box and enjoying an old-fashioned clapping game with them (as laughter filled the room).

207. Napping with my little boy.

208. A hug from my littlest one as I sing to her at nap time.

209. Overhearing quiet the quiet pretend play of my 2-year-old as she is being a mommy to her baby doll.

210. Running carefree with my kids.

211. My daughter, during a game of slap-jack, saying, “I’ll slow down and let you get one.”

212. Quiet mornings to spend time in God’s Word.

213. Sharing what I’ve learned with my children at breakfast.

214. Watching my husband and dad enjoy their new helicopter.

215. Listening & watching as my children sing and dance throughout the house.

Enjoy our photo moments from this weekend!

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