Green ideas to try from the Wanna-be Homemaker

Have any of you heard of felt dryer balls or soapnuts? Strange sounding I know. My family thought so after this weekend’s farmer’s market.

I was walking past this booth and there they were. This nice couple explained them to me and had a sample of their soapnut concentrate. Well, me being the wannabe homemaker I thought, why not try it!

So, 3 felt balls, 1 sample bag of soapnut shells, and 4 soapnuts to plant later, I am hooked. Well, I’m hooked on the felt balls (I have yet to try the soapnuts). (Yes, I know I said 3 and I’m showing 1, but I think some little ones decided they’d make great toys, so I’ll be searching for them later) I have used the felt balls instead of dryer sheets and my clothes and towels are fluffy and static free!  Yeah!! The couple said that the felt balls would also cut drying time in half, but I haven’t noticed that, yet. I think my dryer vent being cleaned out will help with that.

Now on to the soapnuts concentrate. I thought since I was writing this post, I should make the concentrate. So, off to the kitchen I went putting 4 soapnut shells and 3 cups of water into a pot and brought the mixture to a boil. Warning, don’t walk away because before you know it, the soapnut water will be overflowing (not that I am talking from experience 🙂 ). Then, let it simmer for 30 minutes. Strain into container and refrigerate.

It’s too late to start a load of laundry, but I will try it out tomorrow. I was told to do a load of old towels first because it will remove the detergent buildup in your washer and your towels might be a grayish color. This concentrate can also be used as a mosquito repellant, cleaner, laundry detergent… If this works, maybe I’ll have to grow a few soapnut trees with the soapnuts that I purchased!

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