Little Connections

Homeschooling is a huge challenge and committment that I am so blessed to have taken on.  I love my family and God has given me this opportunity.  But, sometimes I fail in this area…actually, quite a lot.  Yes, subjects get taught, lessons are learned, but how much am I getting into my children’s lives?  What do I say more, hold on & wait or yes, I will listen?  Do I play, not watch them play, but join them?  I see them growing up before my eyes and I feel as though I am missing out on a great opportunity.

I’ve noticed my daughter so unhappy lately.  So, we had a heart to heart and I am committed to making my time purposeful.  To love them, play with them, invest in them.  I have one chance and I am taking it head on.  So, come on my little kids…Let’s Play, Let’s Cook, Let’s Connect!

Yes, I can buy frozen green beans and frozen broccoli.  Yes, I can clean a kitchen and do the dishes on my own.  But, I would be missing out on connecting.  This week, my mom joined me in the kitchen to help clean while I cooked, to spend time with me.  On Friday, my dad helped me cut the broccoli, my daughter helped de-leaf the broccoli and snap the green beans.  The next morning, my 2 year old, rushed over to help unload the dishwasher.

How I loved those moments!  Even though you can do it all, don’t.  Have someone with you, it makes the time go by fast and allows for some heart to heart moments.

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