The Brinkman Adventures {Review}

My kids thoroughly enjoy audio stories. Whether they are audio books or radio dramas, they anxiously await for the stories to begin. So, when I recently was given the opportunity to review a new radio drama, The Brinkman Adventures, I was thrilled (so were they). These stories are exciting and intense. They will at times bring you to tears, and at other times have you on the edge of your seat.dangerous-watersThe Brinkman Adventures are “powerful stories from the lives of real missionaries that come to life through the crazy escapades of the Brinkman family.” Although, the Brinkmans are fictitious, they are based on a real family. Caution should be had while listening with younger children, though. The recommended listening ages are 10 and above unless an adult is present. Some scenes can be a little intense for little ones. All of my children are under 10 and while my 9-year-old didn’t have any concerns, there were moments where the CD was paused and had to be explained to my younger 3.

outofcontrolThe first season has 12 episodes spread out over 4 CDs. What’s really neat is that the CDs have a suggested donation price, but if you can’t afford that, they ask that you donate what you can. They don’t want anything to prevent you from listening to these stories. In addition, 100% of the donations go towards the making of season 2. Isn’t that great!intothewildFeel free to listen online here. You won’t be disappointed and you might wind up with the entire season! If you’d like a chance to win the whole CD set, head on over to Lorrie Flem’s blog, Randy’s Rib, between July 1-6 and enter for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on her blog July 7th and notified via email as well. unitybridgeI can’t say enough about these radio drama’s and the impact they can have on your family! I’m looking forward to more exciting adventures to come!

**I received this product for free through The Gabby Moms program in exchange for my honest review.**

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