Healing Hearts with Helping Hands

Grief happens to all of us and our experiences are all different. Even though I have had many losses in my lifetime, I still feel unprepared with how to respond when a friend loses a loved one. My biggest struggle has been what to say and how to avoid saying the wrong thing. With my personality, I avoid saying anything at all which isn’t comforting.HealingHearts

So, how do you respond when someone close to you has lost a loved one? This month’s Gabby Mom’s review is Lorrie Flem’s kindle book “Healing Hearts with Helping Hands.” Lorrie tells of her experiences with grief and walks you through how to respond (and how not to respond). Here are a few topics covered in her book:

  •   What to say
  •  What not to say
  •  The words to use in a card
  •  What meals to bring
  •  What meals not to bring
  •  How to act
  •  How not to act
  •  and when to do it!

Losing a loved one is a traumatic time in a person’s life. The tips given won’t take away the pain, but they will lessen it by showing you care. In addition, Included in the back of the book are a few of Lorrie’s favorite recipes she uses for care meals.

If you struggle with how to respond to someone who is grieving, this is a great resource. Currently, it’s available for $2.99 at Amazon.com, but MAY 1 – 3 it will be offered for $.99. If you don’t have a kindle, go here to find out how to view this book from your computer. Also, check out this month’s free e-magazine from Eternal Encouragement by subscribing here.

**I received this product for free as part of The Gabby Moms  program through Eternal Encouragement in exchange for my honest review.**

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