Valentine’s Day Family Recap

Looking back, I think this was the first Valentine’s Day that I decided to go all out. I even decorated for breakfast and bought different pink treats to eat throughout the day! The kids were ecstatic! The table was decorated the night before which made it a little easier in the morning. Then when we woke up, we were able to focus on everything else we needed to do – make cards, fix breakfast, have coffee…1302blog_IMG_1162 1302blog_IMG_1161When I awoke, I found 13 hearts near my place setting. There was one for each year we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Some had little notes about that year and how many children we had or were anticipating. It was such a special and thoughtful gift from my husband!1302blog_IMG_1160Next, I was off to card making. Thankfully, we made daddy’s card the day before because it was such a huge undertaking. Making each card unique and special for our little ones is, also, something we enjoy doing.1302blog_P10709141302blog_IMG_1159 1302blog_IMG_1158 1302blog_IMG_1157 1302blog_IMG_1156Then, my hubby woke up and treated us all to a fabulous french toast breakfast. It was delicious and the kids’ tummies were thankful.1302blog_IMG_1164After breakfast we were able to wish Grampa & Gramma a Happy Valentine’s Day via FaceTime on my iPad. Technology can be great for staying connected!1302blog_P1070832Some of our pink treats were dried strawberries, berry gummies, strawberry applesauce, and pink frosted cupcakes (I’ll have an upcoming post on how I naturally colored these). My 3-year-old was elated with having all of the treats in her favorite color.1302blog_IMG_1168 1302blog_IMG_1167

What a splendid day we had!

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