Cleaning Checklist to Motivate Moms

One of my goals this year has been to get a handle on cleaning. Not that my home isn’t clean, but its tidiness relies on my time schedule and what I’m in the mood to do that day. As a consequence, keeping up my home becomes an area that I fail in.

So, how do I solve this cleaning dilemma? Bring on the checklist! I’ve read blogs and books, tried paper lists (only to lose them) and nothing has worked. At least not until I thought about finding an app for my phone. When I searched, I found the Motivated Moms 2013 app. What a sanity-saver this has been! My phone is always with me, I can touch the screen to check off a task (no searching for a pen), tasks can be color coded for family members, and the lists are pre-made with the ability to change or add to them. How convenient!

This website offers a paper version as well. I’m sticking with the app! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and have been amazed at how organized I’ve been. My trial period for the app ended today and I was faced with the decision whether to purchase or not. Although I wish it cost a little less (only because you have to purchase it each year), I made the choice to continue with it. So far, I really like how it’s keeping me on track.

This mom cannot thank Motivated Moms enough for such a simple and useful checklist. How are you doing with keeping your home clean? Tell me about your cleaning schedules and how you stay on track with keeping your home in order.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Checklist to Motivate Moms

  1. There was a time when I had lists and lists and more lists…now that there are only 4 of us left at home, my lists have disappeared and my house stays dirtier and I’m ok with that šŸ™‚

    • It’s so easy to be focused on what needs to be done that you can neglect those around you. That’s what made me like this app so much.
      The tasks are simple and rather quick and I don’t feel like I have to check off all the boxes. But, I do have to remind myself to play and
      leave the mess. The mess will always be there, but my children won’t always be little!

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