Staying Sane in 2013

When I examine my life in 2012, I see many things I liked and didn’t like. Time seemed to slip by with glimpses of joy and happiness, but more often with struggles and stress. Why I’ve allowed this, I cannot answer, but I can focus on changing it and not only stay sane in 2013 but be joyful in the process.

So, what are some areas I’m working on? Prayer time, bible study, marriage, time management, self-discipline, housekeeping, parenting, homeschool. It seems every area needs tweaking and adjusting. Where do I begin?

Well, blogging is one area where I can easily change and figuring out what works for me. My goal is to blog once per week and see how that goes. Then after January maybe I’ll add a 2nd day, but I think I’ll start small. Every Monday, I’ll post something new. My whole reason for blogging was to share my life, my story and anything I learn along the way. I tend to get so bogged down in details that nothing gets posted or I think it has to be perfect. Life isn’t perfect, so I think it’s okay if my blog isn’t.

I guess this fits into time management. This is a huge area of change for me. If my time can be brought under control, other areas will be simple to adjust. Blogs can be great at catching up with people’s lives or learning new ideas. They can be time-consuming as well if a plan is not in place.

Thank you for staying with me as I figure out how to stay sane and joyful in 2013! Next week I’ll share something that is helping me with my housekeeping, so stay tuned!

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