Cooking Extravaganza {A Gabby Mom’s Review}

What do you do when mealtimes are stressful, your husband ends up rescuing dinner, and the kids are asking for something besides cereal for breakfast? You pray for a miracle! Well, although you could do that, I would pray for God’s wisdom and direction which is just what I did. One of the paths where He led me was to Eternal Encouragement, the website of Lorrie Flem. Her books and magazine had ministered to me in the past, so I searched her site for recipe books / menu planning. So, although I received this set to review, it has been in my home for over a year.

So, what does this Cooking Extravaganza set contain you might ask? 7 e-books/booklets + 1 printed book are included:

  • Bulk Cooking Tips & Tricks
  • Fill ‘Er Up
  • Healthy Sanity Savings Breakfast
  • Lorrie’s Favorite Recipes
  • Brianna’s Pizza Primer
  • Sensational Salads
  • The Secrets of the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Made Simple
  • A signed printed copy of What’s for Dinner Mom?

What great resources for any homemaker to have!

Two of my favorite family meals have been the Chicken Enchiladas (Lorrie’s Favorite Recipes) and the Breakfast Cookies (Healthy Sanity Savings Breakfast). They are approved by all, even by my picky eaters, and are rather simple to make. What’s for Dinner Mom? is one of my main recipe books and I can’t say enough great things about it. Almost every recipe from this book is a hit at mealtime. What a blessing it has been! Pizza Primer has, also, helped me improve my pizza making skills and Fill ‘Er Up has brought ideas to mind for stretching my meals.

All in all, I cannot say enough about this set and how it started me on the path of sanity during our mealtimes. My husband is thankful that he no longer has to “rescue” the meals and I am thankful to have some variety on the table (the kids are, too).

This would make a great Christmas gift! In order to assure Christmas delivery (for the printed book), orders must be placed by December 12th.  If you’d like a chance to win this set, enter the giveaway at Lorrie’s Blog, Randy’s Rib. The winner will be drawn December 1st.

**In addition to the set I already owned, I received another set for free as part of The Gabby Moms  program through Eternal Encouragement in exchange for my honest review.**

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