Centered, Sane, and Growing Gratitude {A Gabby Mom’s Review}

Some days I wish I could start over. Sometimes I don’t feel like smiling. Some moments I wish I could take back. Yet, each second I am able to control the outcome. With God’s grace and His help, I can choose my attitude and either be centered and sane or unhappy and off course. Unfortunately, I find myself off course and unhappy more often than not.

This month the Gabby Mom’s reviewed 3 audios that included a fill in the blank pdf. The topics were “Centered & Sane”, “Growing Gratitude” and “How to Grow Gratitude”. These audios are part of a new collection from Lorrie Flem at Eternal Encouragement which will be available after November 1 at

Lorrie shared from her heart how she’s been able to grow gratitude in her home and how to stay sane and centered even though life is full of obstacles. She emphasizes how we have the power to control the tone in our home. If our attitudes are positive, it will spread. Smile more, laugh more, thank God for everything He’s given you. How I need to be reminded of this often! I’m always telling others to smile and be happy, yet maybe I’m being a little hypocritical. My smile fades when the roadblocks of life come up. Complaining and weariness set in when I feel like God isn’t listening to me. God has blessed me and provided for me in every circumstance. I can be grateful for many things in my life, but if my focus goes off of Him, my attitude goes as well. With His help I can climb over anything!My life isn’t perfect, but through imperfections and trials gratefulness can abound. Joy can exist in ever situation. It’s my choice as to whether I will smile or not. It’s my choice whether I will complain or be grateful. The positive attitude is powerful and it is a life changing choice! I’m so thankful for this timely audio set to review. It was a reminder to me that if I want change in my home it starts with me being centered on Christ. So, when life happens center your focus on Him and keep on smiling and being grateful!

Lorrie has done a great job providing tips and helpful advice on having a positive attitude! Remember this collection will be available on November 1 at You will be blessed by it!

**I received this product for free as part of The Gabby Moms  program through Eternal Encouragement in exchange for my honest review.**

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