2012 Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here and so are the pumpkin patches and fall festivals! Tuesday was our pumpkin patch day. So, I gathered the kids up, dressed them in cute outfits and off we went. Well, while I was getting the diaper bag ready, this is what the kids were doing outside with Grampa.

Grampa had bought a hammer for him and he’s been wanting to use it. So, he helped break up an old toilet for the trash. He had so much fun!

The girls hopped in the trailer and had fun pretending to ride on the mower.

We finally rounded everyone up and off to the patch we went. The day was beautiful, but the sun was really bright. We had a tough time getting 2 out of 4 to look at the camera, but Grampa cheered them up and captured a few smiles.
The kids enjoyed picking out their pumpkins and then we headed back home. Maybe I need to relax a bit and just enjoy the moments. My grouchy self came out a few times when my perfect pictures weren’t happening. As I look back at the photos, I realize the moments are what I want captured not the perfect smiles and the best behavior. Life should be captured. I think the last photo sums it up. Enjoy the moments!

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