Our 2012 Homeschool Year has Begun

Our 2012 homeschool year has officially begun! It’s been a gradual process, but the kids are doing great with keeping on task. This year our focus has been to remove the busyness from our lives and focus on our family. It’s tough passing on things that our friends take part in, but I can already see the blessings of this choice.

Concerns still arise with socialization, but my kids are socializing with one another and are learning how to solve different problems that arise. They are learning how to use their words to express their feelings. They are learning how to give up their wants for the joy of someone else. They are learning how to help those in need. They are learning how to follow a schedule and the benefits that follow. I could go on and on, but I think I like the type of socializing and learning that is going on in our home.

So, what did we choose this year? Our core comes from Sonlight. My 8-year-old is studying from Core E and my 3 and 4-year-old are doing Core P4/5. The younger ones even enjoy listening to their older sister’s books! In addition we also use Rod & Staff Grammar & Spelling (grade 4), Phonics Pathways Readers (gr 4), Teaching Textbooks 5, and Apologia for Science. My younger ones enjoy their workbooks from Rod & Staff as well. They want to do “school” like their big sister, so we all sit at the table for workbook pages and occupy the couch during reading time.

Even though we are a few weeks in, God’s choice for us to remove excess busyness has created a better environment in our home. School has been running smoother and my kids and I are enjoying schooling at home.


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