Duct Tape Bikes

Do you have bikes that have been passed down from one child to the next? Many times the theme or color is not liked by the next sibling. Well, it has not so much been verbalized by my children, but by their Grampa. So, what was Grampa’s fix? …duct tape. Did you know that you can get duct tape in all sorts of colors and patterns?

Now, a once blue/red boys bike has been transformed into a pink girl’s bike with flames.

A bike formerly known as the cherry bike is now the flames bike.

A plain purple bike has become the purple tie dye bike.

I’m a little skeptical if it will last, but the kids absolutely enjoy their transformed bikes! What a way to think out of the box. Just remember if you need to transform it again, Goo be Gone might aid with the tape removal!

Can you think of any other uses for duct tape?

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