Growing Up

Children grow up. Shocking I know, but our kids grow every day. I’ve said in the past that if we aren’t paying attention, we will miss special moments and before long they are gone and forgotten.

Over the weekend, my 2-year-old traced her own hand. She was so proud of herself! What an accomplishment!Then, my oldest daughter surprised me by painting her fingernails and then her 2-year-old sister’s fingernails. She was so precise and did such a great job. I of course rushed for the camera to capture this moment. Their brother stood by saying what a good job his big sister had done. Of course, he said boys don’t paint their nails. Well, he’d better not get too close, his sister might have other plans. She used daddy to show what she would be doing. He was a great sport.He was showing his nails, too. Big brother was checking to see if they were dry!

This special time hit me with my neglect of moment grabbing. I’ve been busy lately. I’ve let things get in the way of capturing our moments. My camera has been camped out on the shelf instead of working throughout the day. I’ve neglected capturing moments. Today is the day for me to push past this and move forward to reclaim my time and not miss these moments because they are growing up!

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