Kid’s Dress Up Area

Most kids enjoy some sort of dress up and pretend play. My oldest used to transform into a princess or ballerina almost daily. As she’s grown up, her role has changed into the “momma” of the other kids, putting them to bed, making them meals in her kitchen and reading to them. One thing I’ve noticed is that my other children don’t dress up as much. I began to wonder if it’s because their clothes aren’t in a convenient spot. Are they like their mommy, out of sight, out of mind? My mind began to come up with a plan.

Where could I put a dress up area? Well, conveniently, a spot has opened up in our living room. After I recently moved all of our stuff back into our bedroom (due to mold it had to all come out), an area was available.

Hmm, what do dressing rooms have…curtains. So, I decided to hang up a shower curtain, use an empty plastic drawer unit to store clothes and voila, a dress up area was born. Oh, my daughter added a bathroom rug to dress it up a bit. Now with a stylist such as their big sister, the dressing up has begun.

Even their baby sister wants to be a part of all the fun!

Now, how have my non dress up kids responded? Well, almost everyday, either a sheriff, cowboy, pilot, princess, or pioneer girl has graced our home. They wake up asking if they can dress up!

What a delight to see them pretending with one another!

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3 thoughts on “Kid’s Dress Up Area

    • The kids tend to get dress up items for birthdays and Christmas. My son’s outfits have come from JM Cremps and my daughters are either from different stores or the pioneer ones are from sellers on Etsy. They have such a great time!

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