Invite to a Mother’s Day Facebook Party!

Mother’s Day will be here in just a few days and preparations have begun. My daughter’s face sparkled with glitter from a secret surprise that she has hidden until Sunday. My son is pondering if he will get special breakfast or just Mommy and when is it Kid’s Day. Bernstain Bears’ Mama’s Day Surprise has been the number one choice for books to read. What a special time! I can’t wait to see the special cards that my children create just for me! Well, they make things all the time, but for Mother’s Day they put in that extra special touch. My father said it correctly today, it seems to be Mother’s Week and that it is.

So, why stop celebrating on Sunday? Why not come to a special Mother’s Day party on Monday? Lorrie Flem from Eternal Encouragement is hosting another Facebook Party on May 14th from 3 – 5 pm. It will be a motivating time for moms with doorprizes and a free gift to all. So, why not stop in and see what it’s about! You can either click on the button below or click here to attend. See you there!

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