Sibling Delight

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so my goal is to start back with a few posts a week. Unfortunately, when there is so many things vying for my time, blogging takes a backseat.

Well, as I was going through some of my photos, I wanted to share a particular day that stood out to me. It was just an ordinary day on April 11th, but as I watched my children enjoy one another, it turned into a memorable morning. When you are managing sibling rivalry and the kids stop and just delight in one another, it’s special!

My 2-year-old was hamming it up before our walk began. Anything for the camera!

It was such a beautiful day outside, we ventured out for a walk. Or a run for my 2 oldest kids.Now, this is what warmed my heart. The hugs and I love yous that were being shared without me saying, “Now put your arms around each other for the picture.” They were just loving on one another for the entire walk.My little airplanes decided to just hold hands and run together. Our path usually crosses a nearby playground and if everything is going well, we stop for a bit. Since it wasn’t too hot, yet, we took a little break.Not quite playground wear, but this is what my little princess chose.She loved watching and pretty soon, she’ll be climbing up there with them!The monkey bars have been a favorite of my oldest.Her little brother thought he’d try them out and of course, he needed some mommy help.He was so delighted that he got to go all the way across.I attempted to have all 3 go down at once, but it didn’t end up very good.I remember when I had to help her across like her brother. She’s grown up so much. What a beautiful young lady she is!After we were home, my baby girl had fun hiding with her brother and sister.She looked so cute in her brother’s hat and with his butterfly catcher.What a delightful start to our day! Kids argue and whine at one another, but these moments of sibling delight remind me of God’s work within them.

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