Sun n Fun 2012

What could be better than spending a day enjoying airplanes with my family?  Well flying them of course 🙂  But, for now, I’ll browse the many taxiways and fields amassed with airplanes at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport!

I’m late with posting this, but since it’s something we look forward to every year, I thought I’d show you the highlights.  The day actually started on Friday, March 30th, with a roadtrip to Lakeland for the night-time airshow.  My dad met us there in his motorhome and we made it just in time for the amazing spectacle.  What a beautiful sight!  The kids enjoyed it as did the adults.  The evening went rather late and it was after 11 before everyone sank into their beds for the night.  The next morning began early with some snugglers around 5:45.  We packed up and headed over to the airfield for the day.We stopped for a little breakfast before heading out into the airfield.I guess I was feeding everyone like little birdies and we had someone come by and say how cute it was.  So, we had to capture the moment.Ice cream was a great refreshment for a hot day.She was relaxed in her carrier, but didn’t want to fall asleep.The area for viewing the planes is long and involves a lot of walking.  So, we treated the kids (and ourselves) to a ride to take us around instead.My oldest girl squealed with delight as the purple airplane came by.Time for the airshow and our little covering helped to protect from the sun.This B-29 (Fifi) is the only still flying.  It was a sight to see!Every year, we see Ben with Oregon Aero and every year we take a group photo.She finally gave in and took a little nap.Aerobatic flying is so much fun to watch!She’s a little tired which makes her go a little wild.Last year I missed the Thunderbirds.  How exciting it was to see them!Well, after the airshow we went back to our RV and the kids enjoyed watching the cows nearby.  They kept pointing out all of the manure piles.  Our RV was parked in a pasture and we had to avoid the piles near us, so they kept commenting on all of the poop around.  We showered up and then left to go home.  We had a great time at Sun n Fun and can’t wait for next year.  The kids were so exhausted that even our 2-year-old fell asleep before the next kid was put in their car seat.  They all fell asleep soon after.  Airplanes and the sun can wear you out!

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