Our Easter Celebration

How do you celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection?  Through the last few years my thoughts of this special day have changed.  I’ve been uneasy with the Easter bunny and egg hunts.  Not that I think others shouldn’t participate in those things, but for our family I wanted something different.  With young children, traditions are important and I wanted to find something that would make this day stand out, make it a God honoring celebration.  While searching through other blogs, I came across Catholic Icing’s blog that had some fantastic printables and ideas.  I decided to make use of her ideas and they turned out great.

I printed out this set, colored it, covered it with contact paper, cut them out and taped them around toilet paper rolls.  The kids enjoyed reenacting Good Friday and Jesus’ Resurrection.  Lacy over at Catholic Icing even had a printout with what to say to your kids while they play.
Then I found this Easter story wreath over at Wee Little Miracles.  Again, I printed out all of the pieces, colored them and cut them out.  Then I traced a dinner plate and a salad plate on a sheet of paper for a wreath template.  After cutting that out, I pasted the colored pieces on it and covered it with Contact paper.  What special gift could we give our little ones?  My thought was something Christ centered and a little treat.  They didn’t need all of the candy, but just a little something.  So, they each received a book, an activity book and a brownie pop from a local company, Chunky Chocolate Brownie Lollipops (they are delicious).Now, what would our Sunday be without our weekly special breakfast?  With such a busy day, how could I make it special?  Well, with a chocolate graham cracker, green dyed coconut, a few jelly beans, half a donut, and an oreo cookie, each person could have their own empty tomb.  Another great idea from Catholic Icing.  Maybe it was a little too much sugar, but it was special!Finally, this looked so good, I made a larger version for our dessert later in the day.  I made a lemon bundt cake and followed the above idea.  Delicious!After all of this craftiness, it was time to just celebrate with my family.  Our 2-year-old woke up, gave us kisses and went to the sofa for a little quiet reading alone.It wasn’t long before big sister and brother came out and couldn’t wait to eat their tombs (sounds strange doesn’t it).After breakfast, our first guests arrived – my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (Bubbie and Aunt D).Don’t they look so cute!  We couldn’t pass up taking a few photos.The next two photos make me laugh.  My little man kept sneaking into the photos.Aunt D brought a few of her books to share with the kids and of course our kids love to read!Grammy and Pop Pop arrived around lunchtime and enjoyed playing with the kids.The kids were given bubbles and, after nap, they went outside to use them.  They found blowing them over the air handler achieved better results.What a great day, celebrating our Savior’s Resurrection!  Did our kids miss the eggs and the bunny?  Nope, they went throughout the house saying Jesus died and rose again!  It was a marvelous day!  He is risen!Linking up at: Raising Homemakers, A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, Living Well Wednesdays

2 thoughts on “Our Easter Celebration

  1. So fun! I’m w/you about staying away from bunnies & baskets–I love the gifts you gave your kids. I tell my kids they get gifts on Resurrection Day that will help them grow in the Lord–books, cds, etc.

    Love it!

    • Isn’t that what it’s all about! They don’t miss the other stuff and look forward to the books that they receive and hearing the story about Jesus’ Resurrection. The craftiness was just a little extra fun this year 🙂

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