Hospitality Despite the Chaos {Review}

One of the daily highlights in our home is checking the mail.  My children hop on their bikes or scooters, travel down the street (they take the long way) and arrive at the little black box in front of our home.  Curiosity overtakes them as they rummage through the mail, hoping for something with their name on it .  The day I received my Eternal Encouragement Magazine was my turn to be excited about the daily delivery.  I had been anticipating its arrival and couldn’t wait to relax and browse the articles within.

At a glance, a few of my favorite features of this magazine is its size and weight.  It’s smaller and lighter than other magazines, so it fits perfectly into my purse without weighing it down.  Don’t let the size and weight fool you because it is packed with helpful (and timely) information!

This month’s theme was on chaos and hospitality.  What perfect timing for a person whose home has been in chaos for quite some time, yet longs to open her home to others!  Even when we weren’t having to fix problems around our home, having 4 small kids have tested my attempt at organization.  Although I read up on organizational books and try different ideas, the clutter remains and seems to overtake us at times.  As a result, we put off inviting people into our home until we can get things put in order.  If we continue to wait for that to happen, we’ll be waiting for a long time!

What I loved about this magazine was the encouragement to invite despite the chaos.  Yes, it’s important to clean and de-clutter, but if you wait for that to be done before you make the invite, it will never happen.  In our home, our biggest motivator is the thought of company coming.  My best tools are the plastic bin and Clorox wipes!  Grab a bin, dump the clutter and wipe down counters and tables.  Quick cleaning at its finest!  Then, go through the clutter at a later time (the next day preferably).  I want the environment in my home to be welcoming.  We are alive, so there will be messes.  I can’t wait for them to always be cleaned up, but I can do my best to welcome others with friendship, food and fun.

Don’t let chaos keep you from one of God’s callings, opening your home and inviting people inside.  Your guests will enjoy the company and your hospitality will stick in their mind.  What great articles to encourage me to step up and begin inviting!

Every time I receive this magazine it seems to be pertinent to what is going on in my life.  I enjoy gaining insight from the different authors and can’t wait to put their ideas into practice.  What are you waiting for?  Go to Eternal Encouragement and subscribe to their quarterly magazine available in print or digital format.  When you subscribe, you can, also, sign up on their website to receive EE Etc., their online magazine published 8 times a year.  It is for those of us who can’t wait until the next print version to arrive.  Subscribe and you will be blessed!

I am reviewing the Eternal Encouragement Magazine as part of The Gabby Moms  program and did not receive compensation for this post.

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