Birthday Celebration

Four years ago, a handsome baby boy was placed in my arms.  Four years ago, my life changed once again and God added to our family.  Today, my son stands before me with arms outstretched always giving me hugs and telling me he loves me.  Today, we celebrate his life and how much he means to us!

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I remember wondering how could I love someone as much as I loved my daughter.  Did I have it in me to share my love?  God is so wonderful that He gives us that ability.  When he was placed in my arms, I knew that he would always hold a special place in my heart.  He’s my little man! Yesterday, we celebrated his birth and thanked God for blessing us with him!

On Sunday, we had a little party for him.  He wanted cowboy gear for his birthday, so I went with a cowboy theme.  Our bandana napkins became part of our attire and he was so thrilled when he saw everything set out.

Then we were off to his favorite breakfast place to pick out a few treats! What was special was the fact that he picked out each family member’s favorite donut. We were ready for the gathering at our corral.

Sweet big sister bought him a Woody and Bullseye toy.  He thanked her so much for getting it for him.That same sweet sister also did a little cake decorating for him.  He wanted a mint chocolate chip cake and it turned out great.  Very rich, but nothing a little vanilla ice cream couldn’t solve.My cowboy man was fired up and ready to go for the rest of the day!

For lunch, we had his favorites – peanut butter and jelly crustables (his 2nd favorite, they didn’t have the ones with honey) and Cheetos.After lunch we rounded everyone into the other room so the cowboy could open his presents.What could be better than a bug catcher for the bug catching kid!I just couldn’t pass up this photo.  She’s blow-drying her hair with a candy airplane and brushing it while standing on a chair.  And this one had us all laughing.  Our baby girl would crawl/walk around with a toy in each hand and 1 in her mouth.  He was so excited to receive $4 because he turned 4.Do you need anything fixed?  He’s ready to go!Sheriff Daddy kept everything under control.He received a new scooter, so he and his big sister rode up and down the driveway.Then it was time for a little bike riding.  The goal was to teach him to start off on his own.And he did it!  He was so happy!The playground was calling for us to come, so we went down the street for a little swing time.After the cowboy got cleaned up, it was time for some tool time.Our cowboy had a great day and couldn’t wait for his actual birthday to turn 4 (which was the next day).  Grampa told him he was 4, but he said he would be 3 until tomorrow.  With all smiles, he turned 4 the next day!He always wants to be the prince, so we found him a great book where he can be Queen Mommy’s Prince.  My daughter has the same book, but for King Daddy and his Princess.The day ended with a little cleanup because our bathroom needed to be demoed and dust was everywhere.  He grabbed the Swiffer and got to work.I love this little guy.  He lights up the room with his smile and showers you with I love you’s and hugs/kisses.  I am so thankful that the Lord blessed us with him!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration

  1. It was a great day. You described it beautifully. He is growing up so quickly.
    His heart is full of love. Happy Birthday Grandson!
    Ha Ha.

  2. I just love this site and your pictures are wonderful!!!!!!! Therefore, I thought it would be nice to have it sent to my iPad!
    It’s hard to believe that our little Nathan is four already!
    Love, Grammy
    😘 🐱. 🐶

    • Thank you, mom! Yes, it’s hard to believe and he told someone today he’s almost 6. I said, “Don’t grow up too fast, let’s enjoy 4” and he just smiled his sweet smile at me and giggled!

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