Visit with Friends

This Saturday, we enjoyed a visit with some long time friends of ours.  How nice was the phone call I received earlier in the week saying they would be passing by and would love to visit with us!  We welcomed them and had a great time of fellowship.  All of our kids have grown so much and it was fun watching them play as if no time had passed by (and it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen them).  Don’t you love how some friendships can just pick up where they left off as if no time has passed!

The kids’ fun began with a little game of hide and seek.  They did a great job of hiding in the closet and under the crib, but the giggles gave them away.

Who could resist the zipline?  Not even their 22 month old could.The kids table was glowing with smiles.A few of the dolls received new hairdos.Before they left, they zipped some more on the zipline.After a few minutes, our 2-year-old was MIA and she is usually the first one at the zipline.  We found her on our porch reading to all of the dollies!The boys went for a little ride around the yard.Our baby girl lounged in her chair while watching all of the activity.We were able to get a few group photos in before they left.  The day was done and nap time came as soon as they had gone.  My kiddos were worn out and slept so peacefully during their nap.We had a great time with our friends and are glad God placed them in our life!

Just a little note.  I was a little worried after spending the day before at Legoland that our home wouldn’t be welcoming because of its untidiness.  Well, remember those plastic bins I’m always talking about?  Take one and fill it with all out-of-place items.  They are in one place for you to go through at a later time and your clutter problem is solved.  Then, you can forget the clutter and focus on enjoying your visit with friends.

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