Our Day at Legoland

What could be better than a theme park based on one of our favorite blocks?  Going to that theme park would of course be better!  Yesterday, my family along with other families from our Classical Conversations homeschool group met for a fun day at Legoland.  Our kids were so excited and after 2 hours in the car, they were ready to have some fun.The kids enjoyed posing with all of the different creations and were curious as to how they were made.It warmed my heart to see how they treated one another throughout the day.Just a little silliness from me and my big girl!My patient little waiters just watched as they waited in line for their turn.Our first ride was the carousel and everyone had fun.As I got the map out to plan our next adventure, my son backed up next to me with his map to help in the planning.After I took her on this same ride, daddy took her big sister and brother on it.  She loved watching them.Next, I took my oldest daughter for her first roller coaster ride and daddy took the younger 3 to play in the playground area.After our exciting ride and their playground time, we met back up so the oldest 3 could go on a few rides together.For lunch, we took our cooler and had a picnic.  It was great that they had this area set up with picnic tables for those who brought their lunches.  Getting out of the sun and relaxing was refreshing!After lunch, we made our way through Legoland’s Miniland.  How neat it was to see these cities made completely of legos!  The kids could’ve spent most of their day here.  Cars, boats, people and other things were moving around the towns.  You could even push buttons to get certain things going.  It was really neat! Our baby girl just relaxed in her seat with her feet propped up.When you’re tired, you can still put on a smile!It amazed us to see how big they’ve gotten especially since they are 8, 3, and 2.  This was the last ride of the day and it was fun.  You had to pedal in order to move up in the air.  On our way out, we thought we’d pose with the foxes.  Throughout the park, in the grassy areas, they had different lego animals.  It was fun spotting them.We ended the day with a family photo outside of the park. All in all, it was a great day with my family.  My heart warmed to see my kids enjoying each other and sharing in the excitement.  I’m so glad that we homeschool and were able to take a school day and go to Legoland as a family.  If you ever get a chance, check out Legoland.  It seems geared towards elementary and middle school kids, but the younger ones will have fun, too.

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