Conquering Yardwork

Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, birds are chirping and the sky is radiant.  Spring has officially arrived!  With all of those beautiful things, come a few pesky items as well.  Yard-work becomes apparent as the leaves and pollen are blanketing our yard and the weeds have started to flourish.  Isn’t God great, though!  He has blessed us with little helpers who are eager to tackle those jobs.

How do you get them to willingly help?  Well, give them their own gloves and tools and they will be off conquering that yard.  If you have a baby, put her in a wagon or even a stroller.  She’ll enjoy watching her siblings.  Kids want to be helpful and sometimes we just think we can get the job done and they can play.  Wrong, enlist their help.  It will not only make the work fun, but it will get done quicker and it will be a bonding time as well.

Now, we usually don’t plan for the yard-work, so the girls are in their dresses and my son stopped his bike riding to grab a rake to help with the leaves (that’s why the helmet is still on).  We might be the best dressed yard service in the neighborhood. 🙂

So, grab a few rakes, gloves, and your children and get to work.  Tackle that yard and enjoy your family while doing it!

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2 thoughts on “Conquering Yardwork

  1. Just the encouragement I needed! Thank you so much, and you’re right – I’m sure my girls (1yo and 3yo) would prefer to help rather than to play :o) I needed someone to tell me that!

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