Living Moments #271 – #287

Life passes us by so quickly, yet it’s not as evident until someone in your life passes away.  This week a dear friend of mine lost her father and my heart goes out to her and her family.  I’ve had many people pass away throughout my younger years, but now that I am older, my perspective has changed.  Gone are the days when I think that something can wait because there is always tomorrow.  Can it wait?  Will tomorrow come?  I wonder how I can balance finding joy in every moment with the cloud of uncertainty hanging over head.  I know God wants me to be filled with joy, to trust in Him.  Can I let go of this uneasiness, this feeling of sadness?  No, not by myself, but with God I can.  He alone can take away my fears, He alone can give me joy every morning.  So, today, is a new day, my morning has just begun and my moments are new.  I’m ready to soak them all in and thank Him for another chance to live life to the fullest!

271. Quirky photo faces

272. Sweet eskimo kisses273. Carefree laughter274. Getting together with friends275. Belated birthday celebrations276. Doing man’s work with his Pop Pop – burning leaves277. Having a pancake helper

277. Surprise visits from Grampa278. Having family photos279. My little girl following after her big sister and getting to the top.280. Enjoying being a big sister281. Grampa’s way of teaching her how to walk.282. Humpty Dumpty283. Fixing something by yourself for the first time.284. Watching videos of them singing their abc’s.285. Her first time down a slide.287. SwingingLive your moments.  Find joy each day and thank God for blessing you with them!

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