Conquering Clutter

Do you struggle with clutter?  Do you feel like you are the only clutter conqueror in your home?  Fear not, I have a tool that has been known to help…the plastic bin.

My home is prone to clutter.  If the surface is flat, it will be covered by the end of the day.  Is it a bag?  Books and toys will fill it and be left wherever playtime has ended.  Hampers, why use those when the floor works fine!  Whether it’s a table, counter, shelf, floor, even stool, if it’s bare it will be covered within a day or two.  It’s overwhelming, so from the advice of someone dear, my dad, we’ve been trying something different and it appears to be working.

So, what’s my solution?  The plastic bin.  You could use a basket or even a lovely Thirty One tote, but right now it’s the bin.  To sum it up, at the end of the day, whatever is left around and not put away gets placed in the bin and is gone for a period of time (we’ve agreed upon a week).  That means if the Sunday shoes are placed in the bin and all you have left are your Crocs, then that is what you will wear.

This week has been a trial period.  At the end of the day, items are placed in the bin.  The following morning, they are able to take the items out and put them away.  Next week, the tough love begins.  Oh, I’m not safe from all of this because I am prone to clutter as well and my husband has agreed to keep me in check.

Above all else, make it fun.  We’ve made it into a game this week and they have been working hard to keep the bin empty.  As a result, we even have had more free time for games.

The house has been almost clutter free and our sanity is beginning to return.  So, grab a bin and start to conquer the clutter.

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