Just Say No {A Gabby Mom’s Review}

Isn’t it hard to say no sometimes?  As moms we are constantly being pulled in many directions.  We pride ourselves in being expert multitaskers, but are we?  Yes, we can do many things, but can we do those things well when they are being done at the same time?  This is an area I struggle with and Lorrie Flem’s mp3, Just Say No, couldn’t have come to me at a better time.   Lorrie’s humor abounds throughout her talk and she really hits home with tips on saying no.  It’s hard to say no.  We feel guilty or fear the other person’s response.  Here are a few tips that stuck out at me.

Never say yes on the spot unless it’s in response to one of your kiddos vying for your attention.  So often, if I would take the time to look at their pretty picture or stop and play a game, then I could finish my task and their love tank would be filled (mine, too 🙂 ).  My calling is motherhood and if I am overcommitted in other areas, who suffers?  My family does.  We need to make a checklist of the valuable things in our lives and see what really matters.  Too much of a good thing is not good.  Outside commitments don’t consume me, but there are many things within the home that do.  My prayer lately is for God to remind me throughout the day to focus on what’s important.  Weed out anything that is hindering my calling.  Think eternally.  Thankfully, I won’t be bringing my laundry, dishes or computer to heaven with me, but my desire is to have my family there.  That is my priority.

She shares many other tips, but another one that hit home is to lean on your husband.  Show him your schedule, talk about it, pray about it and let him lead you into what he feels is best for you.  Does she mean submit?  I so struggle with giving up control, but she tells how freeing it is when you do.  My husband knows I am a control freak.  It’s my schedule and I know what’s best, right?  I’ve slowly been learning to rely more on my husband for his valued opinion as the leader of our home.  It’s hard and I’m a work in progress.  He knows me better than anyone else on this earth and he has my best interest in mind.  So, as we sit together with schedules in hand, this wife will seek to listen to her husband’s wise thoughts.

If you would like to know how to say no and start taking back your schedule, head on over to Eternal Encouragement to purchase your own copy of Just Say No.

I am reviewing Just Say No as part of The Gabby Moms  program and did not receive compensation for this post.

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6 thoughts on “Just Say No {A Gabby Mom’s Review}

  1. There really were such great ideas on the MP3, wasn’t there? 😉
    I have to remember to say yes to my daughter more often. I have a terrible habit of putting things and the order of things before people.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I, too, am a control freak….I’ve been known to say that I like “all my ducks in a row” Too often something or someone knocks those ducks over. I am learning to realize that God uses those falling ducks to teach me something if only I pay closer attention.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. God does use husbands as such a blessing, doesn’t he? I’ve learned over the years that my husband has a much more balanced perspective than I tend to. Running things past him never fails to help me get a better picture of whether or not it’s where I really need to spend my time. Nice to see someone else acknowledge the same! 🙂

    • It’s been a long process, but he does balance me out. Sometimes I want to rush into making a decision, but it always turns out better when I talk to him about it first!

  4. I agree with you – that overcommitment doesn’t help others as much as it hurts our own family! And we all need reminders of that every once in a while…

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