Trying Moments #252 – #270

Have you ever had life turn upside down and almost standstill like that for a few weeks?  Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you didn’t know how to move forward?

That’s exactly how I have felt for the past few weeks.  I’ve been through many trials, but this one threw us for a loop and everything seemed so overwhelming.

It all started with me catching a terrible cold.  Which of course, when mommy is sick, order in the home is lost.  Then, mold was discovered in our room and on our furniture which probably was making my cold even worse.  Finally, to finish it off, due to unforseen damage to my husband’s car, we either had to fix it or look for a replacement.

Since it was all happening at once, it was a little overwhelming, plus everything in our bedroom was now spread out through our house.  I felt as though I was on an episode of hoarders only no expert to come and help.  Well, an expert did eventually come, my highly motivating dad.  I guess as a former marine, he had that drill sargeant mentality which helped whip us into shape.  It definitely is easy to overlook all of the stuff you have when it’s in drawers, closets, or under the bed.

But, through these moments, God has shown me how to still be thankful.  These times will pass, but my memories with my family will continue on.

252. Smiles even with the chaos inside.

253. Excitement over pulling her baby sister for the first time…by herself and my little delivery man with his special delivery.254. The girls enjoying their time.255. little mommies and their babies.256. Checking for bug guts.257. Looking for more bugs to kill.258. Special deliveries. (he loves pulling the wagon in the yard and pretending he’s making deliveries with the boxes)259. Our first game time alone.260. My first game time with both of these cuties.  The choice was Hi Ho Cherry O which ended up being a very long game.  We had a great time, though.261. Breakfast dates with daddy.
262. Growing up.  263. Big sister time.264. Plastic bins.  When you feel like you are on an episode of hoarders grab a bin and sort.265. The glow of sunlight.267. Determination.  She saw something she wanted and reached so far in she ended up getting stuck with her little feet just dangling.268. Helping daddy and grampa with an important job.269. Having a personal toolbox made by grampa (with real tools inside).

270. Seeing the unexpected (I was enjoying the toolbox picture and then I noticed his little sister in the background).Linking up at:

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