Joy Amidst Trials

Isn’t it hard to find the joy when you are in the middle of trials?  It is easy to feel down about your situation and all the while, God’s crying out, come to me.  I will give you joy.  I will give you hope.  I am all you need.  How often are my listening ears turned off to what God is saying to me!

I’ve been down and out lately, whether it’s been with sickness, mold in our home, feeling like a failure with child training…  Poor me, is what I’ve been feeling.  Then, today happened.  I played with my children.  We laughed, we ran, we had a picnic, we played with our Minnie Mouse family.  Today, God spoke to me while my listening ears were off in a different way.  He spoke to my heart through my children.

My kids asked to have a picnic for lunch today and even though my heart started out not into it, I am so thankful that I chose to spend that time with them.

After lunch, I thought, what could be more fun than having a wagon race.  So, my 2-year-old thought she’d give it a try and even though she could pull her sister, we thought the race would be better the other way around.This was much more even.  I pulled my son and the race was off.  I of course lost, but the air was filled with laughter.Then, we played freeze tag.  It was so much fun running in the yard, chasing each other, laughing.  Nap-time couldn’t come soon enough.  Mommy was worn out 🙂

Then, my oldest girl brought out her Minnie Mouses and asked if I would play with her.  I wasn’t sure what we would do since I’m a little out of practice with pretending.  Well, my other kids joined in and we each picked our mouse.  I was Homemaker Mommy Minnie, my son was Sister Skating Minnie, my 2-year-old was Sister Hawaiian Minnie, and my oldest girl was Sister Ballerina Minnie.  We had a great time pretending with our little family.

My son just kept laughing at me while I was pretending.  It was great seeing how much they were enjoying this time.What a perfect ending to our Minnie moment, a group hug.This has got to be the best photo that we’ve had in a while.  It speaks volumes on their personalities!She loved having the Hawaiian Minnie.She’s had this Minnie since she was a baby.  How special to watch her still enjoying her.Of course, he had to have a Minnie as well.  He picked Ice Skating Minnie because her dress is blue (his favorite color).  I am so thankful for these joyful moments amidst all of the turmoil that is going on right now.  My baby girl brought me joy as well.  She just happened to be sleeping when the camera came out.  Her smile warms my heart and I love the hugs that she shares with me.

My husband has been so great during this time.  He’s my rock and I am so thankful that God brought us together.  He puts up with me even during my down times and helps lift me up.

So, when life seems like it’s upside down and nothing is going right, put on those listening ears and hear God speak to you.  Look around you at the blessings He’s given you.  He will give you the joy and hope you need to endure!

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