Abiding Moments #232 – #251

As I finish catching up on other blogs, I came across Ann Voskamp’s blog about getting through hard times.  She shared this wonderful you tube video of a song called Abide in Me.  Isn’t that what God wants from us?  Always to Abide in Him?  When we’re sick, our home seems to be falling apart and everything is chaos, we are to abide in Him.  How comforting to know that we can always count on Him!  He never leaves us.  He’s always there calling us closer to Him.

This weekend, I came down with a terrible cold.  It was so bad, my daughter commented that she had never seen me so miserable.  I really was miserable.  Then, due to a musty smell in our bedroom, my husband and I were determined to find the cause.  Since we lack proper ventilation in our attached bathroom, we found mold on our furniture and a little on the walls.  What a mess to clean up!  My wonderful husband got to work ridding our furniture and bedroom of this mold.  Finally, we found some large cracks around the room.  Feeling a little overwhelmed, I look back and wish at that moment I had abided in Christ.  Instead, I was laying down, wishing I would feel better.

Abide in Me, He says and my soul longs for those abiding moments.  As I look back to this week, I had some great moments, abiding in this beautiful family He’s given me!

232. My eight year old little girl enjoying photography (she takes pictures everyday).

233. Willing helpers with yard work (I turned my back and all 3 were either raking or picking up leaves).234. Relaxing after hard work.235. A little boy enjoying his nice new blue wooden sword (his words).236. Unexpected kisses.237. His willingness to protect his family ( I love his expression! ).238. Requests for blanket time and the sharing of blankets.239. My two-year old’s strength (as she pulls her weight and her brother’s).240. Silly lunchtime.241. His excitement of going to work with daddy (according to him, he is a boy and boys go to work to take care of their family).242. Coming across my little girl with her thinking cap on.243. Teamwork.244. Creative solutions for a lost voice.245. My husband’s effort in making family day special while mommy is sick (photos courtesy of daddy).246. Possibly our last cold day of this season (it was in the 50s).247. Her face shining as she smiles for her sissy’s picture.248. Flashlights for finding lost toys that have fallen from the top bunk.249. Soft brushing of my hair as I rested (all 3 kids).

250. Sweet caresses by little hands.

251. Soft kisses on my forehead.

Abide in Him and when life seems to be at it’s worst, you will find joy in the moments He surrounds you with!

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