Birthday Weekend

Emotions fill me as my oldest girl turned 8 on Saturday. 8 years ago, I didn’t know the importance of motherhood, I didn’t know how I could love someone so much. Then when this little bundle, with her big brown eyes and lots of dark hair, was placed in my arms, I knew my life would never be the same.

I remember dancing with her to Elvis (Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack), snuggling with her, reading to her, special lunches at Crispers, sleepovers in mommy & daddy’s room, her cute little phrases, the looks she likes to give, and many other moments.  I remember the greatest of all, the moment she accepted Jesus as her Savior. She truly lives up to the meaning of her name – little pearl and God’s daughter.  She truly is God’s little pearl!

Maybe this week I’ll have time to post more photos from the past, but for now, here are some photos from a fabulous weekend with my baby girl!

Little brother watching his big sister make her birthday pancakes (something she wanted to do).

Yummy chocolate chip pancakes!

Grandma's idea for making sure all of the ice cream is gone!

Surprise overnight trip with Gramma & Grampa.

While waiting to be seated for breakfast, they put many stickers on their outfits.

All of us except for our 2-year-old who chose to stay in her seat.

Her favorite character!

The day after celebration with her Aunt & Bubbie!

Homemade vanilla chocolate chip cake...Yummy!

 Happy Birthday my sweet girl!  There are so many photos that I wanted to share, but this will do!  It was a great time celebrating her birth!  She still has 1 more set of grandparents to celebrate with.  She loves extending her birthday (just like her mommy:) ).

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