Heart-filled Moments #225 – #231

Life can be so busy that things can be put off.  That’s how I felt about my blog today, but after reading Ann Voskamp’s blog at A Holy Experience, something inside me said to continue on…even if I don’t have any photos ready to post (I’ll aim to finish them for tomorrow).

On Saturday, my oldest turned 8, but it didn’t hit me until last night.  Every year my dad makes a dvd for each child from that prior year’s photos.  It is such a special gift that we look forward to at each birthday!  As we watched a few, smiles were across our faces, but a part of me was sad as I wondered, have I shown them enough love?  Have I stopped and just played with them?  Have I fully embraced each moment with the people God places in my life?  I wonder, then I think that maybe I haven’t.  Those are years I can’t get back, moments gone.  Sad, yes, but sadness can awaken you to the path ahead.  I look on and aim for purpose.  I love my kids and everyday I have started something new.  I remind them that I delight in them, they are special, they were made by God for me and their daddy, and that I will love them unconditionally.  I am replacing negative comments with positive ones and even though my change has been recent, I see results.  I see the smiles, I feel the hugs, I hear the I love yous without me saying it first.

Oh, how I long to feel this tug on my heart everyday because it’s a reminder that life is precious.  If I don’t embrace the moments, I will miss out because they will be gone.

Heart-filled Moments:

225. Experiencing my daughter’s help today as her daddy was home sick (she stepped in any way she could and said I could wake her if I needed her in the middle of the night).

226. Watching the teamwork of my children.  I took a phone break while doing yard work, turned around and my children were all raking and filling the wagon with leaves.

227. The close flutter of a butterfly while picnicking with 4 of my favorite people (our baby was sound asleep).

228. Sharing of special birthday treats with her brother and sister.

229. Overhearing the excitement of my oldest exclaim how God really answered 2 of her prayers  today – daddy to feel better and her brother to stop crying (he was throwing a little tantrum).

230. Afternoon rain showers.

231. The creation of light.  Our bible study was in Genesis this morning and we all were appreciating the creation of light.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought to be thankful for it!

Hold onto those moments.  Let them seep into your heart.  They pass quickly and before you know it, they’ll be gone.  Fill your heart!

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