Purposeful Homemaking

This week has been a little different for me. I’ve actually been more purposeful! You mean, I have to wash the dishes, they won’t magically be clean in the morning? Is it really better to fold the laundry rather than just shove it in the drawers? Well, I do wash the dishes and fold the laundry, but secretly I wish it would magically be done for me!  This week I have decided to try being a purposeful homemaker and see how it goes.

I tell my kids not to whine or complain and do things cheerfully, but have I been a hypocrite? My thoughts are, why do I have to do everything? Can’t someone help? I’m going to leave this for them to do… Now, I’m all about helping out and responsibility, but my attitude has been horrible!

Here are my nightly changes for the week:

  • Finish my chores before bedtime no matter how late I have to stay up.
  • Clean the kitchen, wash and put away the dishes, and clean the sink (if you’ve ever heard of the flylady, she recommends this).
  • Clean, fold, and put away the laundry.
  • Look over school papers and write out the next day’s plan (my daughter likes having a list that she can check off every day).
  • Straighten anything else.

Now for my morning routine. Since we school at home, so can’t it be PJ day every day? Well, my kids might like that, but I don’t think my hubby would! Not that I wear my PJs, but I don’t always try to dress nice either. So, I’ve started a morning routine of rising early, getting ready, and having my quiet time with my Savior and a cup of coffee. What a perfect start to the day!

Each day has been great! Of course there are still squabbles, but discipline has been less which I attribute to being purposeful, organized and ready for my little blessings when they make their way into my lap in the morning.  I think with God’s help, I can continue on my journey of being a purposeful homemaker!

Check out some sweet moments I captured from our week:Our baby girl ventured out of her area today and found a new toy, the kitchen.  Her sister enjoyed having someone to cook with!My little man has the gift of gab and loves talking with his grandparents.  His little sister enjoys copying her big brother.Try being purposeful this coming week.  Make the sacrifices and listen for the happiness that fills your home!

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