Swords, Jousting, and Faire Food, Oh My!

Jousting, sword fighting, a human chess board…all of these bring me back to my younger years at a Medieval Faire.  My face was painted and a beautiful lavender princess hat adorned my head.  I remember enjoying the day and wanting to go back again.

Every year for the past few years, we have been unable to attend a nearby faire.  The weather is bad, someone is sick, I’m at the end of a pregnancy… When this year’s date approached, we found that we actually could go, so we packed up the bags, put everyone in the car and headed off to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire.  As the only member of the family to ever go to a medieval faire, I looked forward to the day with what I could remember from long ago.

As we approached the grounds, we thought we were going to have to park far away and ride a bus in, but when my husband went to drop the kids and me off at the front (we each were praying for a closer spot), what did we see, but a parking spot right up front!The youngest 2 were asleep in the car when we arrived, so they were a little out of it when we headed into the faire.  When we arrived, we looked over the guide and were off on our adventure. I was the first to try on something as a lady guided me to her booth and said the queen deserves a crown.  Not my pick, but the kids liked it!“Sure, I’ll try it on,” he says, while dreaming of swords.Maybe a shield will do since he has many swords at home.  One was not picked to his liking so we are still searching.  With a birthday coming up, this knight might get one, yet!Our beautiful princess searched for a perfect headpiece and enjoyed trying a few on.Let the battles begin!Everyone liked the jousting and eagerly anticipated who would win.Hunger came quickly, so we had a little picnic in the field.Special kisses for daddy!Nose bumping seemed fun, so they kept on until…Someone got hurt and you can see it wasn’t her.  Maybe nose bumping wasn’t a good thing.Our baby girl had some free time while everyone else went on a walk.  She enjoyed her freedom and explored.How fun it is to watch others and learn trades from long ago!That was too boring for the younger ones.  Watching some sword fighting was much more interesting.One of the greatest moments was playing with the toys!  This man helped the kids and they had a blast!Finally, we ended with a trip through the maze.Uh, oh, a dead-end!Which way should we go?Well, we found our way out and decided to end our day.  Another prayer was answered as well.  My daughter’s camera was lost (not sure who had it last) and we didn’t know how we would find it, so we prayed and checked the lost and found on the way out.  When we approached the stand and asked about a camera, the lady asked the color and we knew it was God that gave it back to us.  It was amazing how we had just lost it and someone turned it in just before we left!

On the way home, we had kids that were tired and some that were being silly!I’m not sure if we’ll go back to a Medieval Faire.  It wasn’t quite like I remembered and, as a Christian parent, there were a lot of things we hurried the kids past or guided them away from.  It was a little pricey, too, and almost everything (except the viewing) cost money (even the maze which surprised us).  But, we wouldn’t change our day for anything.  What mattered to us was the time spent with each other!



2 thoughts on “Swords, Jousting, and Faire Food, Oh My!

  1. I was going to ask if your Faire was family friendly, but you beat me to the punch. The last time we went to our Renaissance Festival when our little one was almost 3. It was easy to pass by things then, but at one point she was swinging her sippy cup in the air while some pirates were singing about drinking beer!

    • It definitely wasn’t what I remembered, but at least we know and with the kids being so young, they didn’t pick up on anything! Oh well, we had a great time with each other!

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