Where has the week gone?

Today, I thought I would just share a few fun times the past few days.  I enjoy my children and even when there are tough moments, I can look at them and thank God for the blessings he’s given me.

This month 2 of my girls will celebrate their birthdays!  Time is flying by as I see my almost 1-year-old and my almost 8-year-old enjoying quiet time together.
But, when the other 2 wake up from their naps, their big sister welcomes their snuggles.Last night, barrettes were brought to me with little voices asking me to fix their hair.  So, I did.And they both loved it!Today, treats were made for my husband.  Christmas came and went without his favorite cookies being made – Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.  So, the kids gathered in the kitchen and my oldest daughter captured the baking moments.Cooler weather and a slight breeze welcomed a few happy children outside.Tummies were filled with snacks and the zip-line was calling us over.  With helmets on, the ladder up and the littlest one in position to catch her big brother and big sister, the fun began.Of course, the catching moment was shared by all.Blue eyes, tight hugs, sweet smiles – moments like this are what it’s all about!Finally, when prayers are answered, a little excitement is in store!  Some of us adults aren’t very expressive, so the kids decided to show us what excitement looks like.There’s my family!  Another week has come and gone.  Birthdays will be coming in the next few days which reminds me how time flies.  I grasp for each moment, to hang on to, to savor.  Thank you, God, for these beautiful creations and a wonderful husband!  You knew exactly what I need so many years ago when I thought I would’ve been content with only my husband and me.  I can’t imagine anything different!

Linking up over at Holy-Spirit-Led Homeschooling.

2 thoughts on “Where has the week gone?

    • Thank you! It’s funny, I guess it does look like a harness because my dad made the same comment. It actually is my daughter’s scarf that we used so the kids could bring the handle back to the next rider. A harness would be good, especially for our 2 year old! Thank you for the opportunity you provide to link up with BFF and for all of your wisdom that you share over at your blog! It’s been a blessing!

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