Mud Anyone? {Daddy Time}

Water, dirt, children…a perfect combination for a Saturday afternoon!  I know it’s Thursday, but this special moment happened on Saturday when Daddy was watching the 3 older kids.  They call this their compost pile and were proud of the mud they were making!Cold water can be a little uncomfortable when directly sprayed on you.But, when the shock wears off it’s back to the mud!Oh, to be carefree again!  To play in the mud even when the water is cold!  Sometimes you just have to let your kids be kids.  My husband is my fun balance.  Not that I can’t be fun, but I think I would’ve stopped the mud puddle (aka compost pile) before it formed and missed out on this precious time.  Even a few neighbors enjoyed passing by and seeing our kids having fun.  So, before your little ones grow up, let them be kids, let them have fun and make sure to record those moments!

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