Monday Moments #216 – #224

Wow, has a week really passed by?  Last week my daughter had an art class for 3 days, which was amazing, but our days were quite busy and as a result, blogging went on the back burner.  Have I mentioned how much I love homeschooling and the ability to change things up?  She loves art and it was a great experience for her.

The class was led by Barry and Sandra Stebbing of How Great Thou Art.  Material was presented rather quickly, but if the children persevered, by the third day you could see a great improvement. So, today it’s back to our daily routine with a little art, some building, a little baby doll care…many Monday moments!

216. An unexpected slip of a little hand into mine (my oldest just walked up beside me and held my hand).

217. Sharing from the heart (my son shared his piece of pie with his sisters because they didn’t have one – they didn’t ask, he just saw that they didn’t have any and wanted to share).

218. Getting to do something you enjoy.219. Boys being boys (he was just building away!).220. Girls being girls.221. Eagerness to jump back into her routine.222. A helpful heart (big sister heard the arguing and came in to help with the building).223. Fun, crazy times at dinner.224. Playing Sorry with my husband and daughter with the same outcome each time, me drawing the cards, me moving the pieces and in the end, me winning.  Even though I said I wouldn’t play for them, I ended up doing it and in the end, they were sprawled out together on the floor with my daughter saying…maybe I need a nap tomorrow 🙂  I love my family!

Catch those moments this week and jot them down!  They come and go, we forget, and it’s something we can look back on and cherish!

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