Daddy Time

Daddy time is so important, isn’t it?  How often do daddy’s have the opportunity to just have some quality time with their kids?  They graciously go to work and are the providers for their family, so quantity time may not be possible, but quality time is.

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment, so my husband came home to watch the kids and when I came home, I saw this.If you have never seen Konstruk Tubes, check them out.  I saw them at a convention last year and didn’t think much about them, until now.  My mom gave these to my son for Christmas and everyone has enjoyed building with them!

Now, I didn’t get a full explanation until 2 of the kids calmed down and everyone could explain it (Daddy had some discipline issues he took care of while I was away).  But, they were so proud of their boat!

After they were all in bed, I sat down and looked at the photos of their time and how precious it was!Tonight, our oldest requested to build a house.  So, this is what they came up with and they were very proud of their masterpiece.Mom’s encourage the quality time with your husband and children.  Have the home peaceful when he arrives home.  Praise him when he takes the time with them.  It is a blessing for the whole family!

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2 thoughts on “Daddy Time

    • They are great and they enjoy building with them! Turns out the company is in my hometown which is neat! Yes, when other toys get put away, there is room for building. Plus, we put the playroom in our dining room for the space (our table is in the kitchen area). That has helped!

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