A Mishap From The Wanna-be Homemaker

Well, maybe I will do a little series called Wanna-be Homemaker Wednesdays.  It’s a perfect time to share my ups and downs of this homemaking journey.

Last week’s post was on meal planning and so far it has been wonderful.  My daughter asked me one morning, “What’s for breakfast?” and I took out my planner and was able to tell her.  Then, I said, “You know, we haven’t had cereal all week.”  She followed by, “You’re right, thank you.”  Yummy meals filling our tummys with simple recipes.

I thought I would share my adventure with the Breakfast Cookies from Lorrie Flem’s Healthy Sanity Saving Breakfast Recipes.  I thought, why not double the recipe so I can freeze a few.  As my bowl was filling up and I still had half the ingredients to go, I thought I would recheck the amount that the original recipe made.  That’s when I had to laugh.  It made 5 dozen and I was now making 10 dozen.  As my 2-year-old would say, “Oopsy!”

When I told my husband, he said, “I hope we like them.” (This was my first time making them)  Boy were they delicious!  Healthy little cookies that I can just grab from the freezer, with some fruit and a glass of milk makes for a perfect breakfast.So, even when you accidentally misread the recipe, sometimes, it can still work out.  Thankfully, it did this time.

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2 thoughts on “A Mishap From The Wanna-be Homemaker

  1. I wish I had the discipline of a meal plan! I love the breakfast cookie idea. I’m going to have to look into that. I have Lorrie’s More Sanity Saving Breakfasts and the Even More one, but not first one! I suppose if I actually read them, I might be as industrious as you!

    • I’ve been wanting to meal plan for quite some time and only now got around to it. It took a lot of time, but it is well worth it. Our breakfasts go better and dinner is a breeze! Plus, my husband likes having the plan in case he has to make dinner. The calendar with the recipe is all together. Now, why didn’t I do this sooner! 🙂 Yes, read Lorrie’s recipes!!! I have yet to find one that isn’t delicious!

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