Joyful Moments: #179 – #200

Every Monday I’ve been sharing my 1000 gifts from Ann Voskamp.  Time has been appearing to slow down so I can capture the moments in front of me.  Yet, I find myself coming here on Monday to remember the moments from the week.  I need to be better about journaling.  Blogging is a great start, but I love to write my thoughts down and I’m aiming at doing this for the month of January, hoping it will continue past that.  Ann is inviting her readers to take the JOY Dare and list 1000 gifts in 2012.  Since I’m starting late, I will just go back and write down a few from the list.  Here are a few gifts/moments that I am thankful/grateful for:

179. Personal changes.

180. A juicer for our orange and grapefruit trees.

181. Traditions.

182. Hearing my kids saying to one another, “That’s okay,” “I forgive you,” and “I sure do love you.”

183. An antique Vitamix that still works.

184. The Homestead Blessings DVD collection.

185. A handmade blue heart for my birthday.

186. Seeing my kids enjoy the little things (like popping packaging bubbles).187. My little girl patiently waiting for me.188. A sweet moment.189. My son striving to be a gentleman as he now holds the door open for all of his girls.

190. Turning everything into a toy.191. Comfort before the unknown (the removal of her stitches).192. Her courage.193. Proud display of her stitch free chin.194. Mischievous looks.195. Strange delights (the dipping of green beans in milk).196. New ways to smile.197. Daddy’s look as the kids are going around sharing what they enjoyed with each family member for the day and our son’s response for everyone was “I pooped on her/him.” (the topic of poop is a favorite of his right now)198. Funny looks that I can’t see until the photo was taken.199. Enjoying useful gifts.200. Strong focus on attempting to clap like her big brother.Ann Voskamp has graciously provided a monthly list to print out with ideas to write down the gifts around you.  Check it out and why don’t you try the Joy Dare!  It might change how your year turns out.  It might change you!

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