Saturday Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my last birthday celebration and we visited with my mom and step-dad.  During the visit, we had some cute moments that I was able to capture.

Our baby girl and my mom’s dog enjoy playing tug-of-war, although my little one has started throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.  Maybe a little early for that?Her big brother loves taking care of her and enjoyed some time with just him and her.

While they were playing, their big sister was over at her doll house cleaning and organizing.  I am always amazed at the little scenes she displays!  Very creative!Then, after a day of little naps, we ventured out with everyone for my birthday dinner.  Soon, all of the kids were separated by an adult.  We figured there would be less problems that way.  Although, we were wondering if my son was acting up so he could sit by me.  He did tell me that was the case.  There were renditions of K-K-K-Katy sung at the table.And the finale of the song ending with her chin on the table, tired and ready for bed.The music was loud, hearing each other was difficult, so my children decided to give in to the beat.One of them had to be restrained (she can be a little wild at times).Now, for the best.  Our baby girl decided to join in with the dancing.

The night ended with a sneaky person getting the waitress to come over and sing happy birthday.  I was actually surprised because we had already had our dessert.  It was a great night with my family!


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