Family Day – January 8th, 2012

Pancakes were on the menu today and I decided to change it up.  Eggnog and Pumpkin Pancakes filled the griddle, with a little helper on standby for the flipping.  My son took it all in and curiously watched.My 2-year-old sat a little ways away on the kitchen stool and was on call for any other help that was needed (she loves to help).When the flipper took a break, she made a Mickey Mouse pancake for her baby sister.Her baby sister picked it up and started eating it right away.  Mmmm delicious!The majority of the people in our household cannot keep their eyes open during photos.  No matter what we try they remain closed. Even with the best effort.We enjoyed our day as a family.  We even got a little yard work in with everyone pitching in either to rake, pick up, or pulling the wheelbarrow full of leaves to the leaf pile.  We opted to stay home today because of our 2-year-old’s stitches.  We have a hard enough time keeping her chin protected at home, I can’t imagine with a bunch of kids at church.  So, we watched on our computer.  We’ve decided that everything on Sunday will be done together and what a blessed day we had!


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