Birthday Gone Awry

Today, God blessed me with the start of another year.  I awoke before my family with hopes of sneaking back into bed before they awoke, but was unsuccessful.  Kisses and Happy Birthdays surrounded me and when I walked into the kitchen, 2 of my favorite people were making my gift, breakfast.When breakfast was ready, my other 2 favorites were waiting patiently for me to arrive.My oldest girl came and brought me into the dining room for my surprise.Handmade cards were given to me by 3 special people.Breakfast was delicious and my time was special (my baby girl eventually joined us, but was asleep during this time).

My dad and step-mom arrived a little later and shared our breakfast meal.Soon playtime followed and of course there were photos.Uh oh, Grampa probably shouldn’t have gotten that close with the popgun.  She soon was fine and wanted to play some more.Chick-fil-A was the choice for lunch due to their play area.  Isn’t it nice how Chick-fil-A has an indoor play area?  After a delicious lunch, the 3 older kids headed off to play with Grampa in tow.  They were having so much fun until the door opened and I hear my precious 2-year-old wailing uncontrollably.  As she was handed over to me, I saw the gash on her chin was bleeding.  When I realized it would not stop, we headed to the Pediatrician’s office.

Do any of you remember my prior posts on being prepared?  Thankfully, I had a first aid kit in my car, so I put some ointment, gauze and a band-aid on the cut and headed to the doctor.  I am so glad that I was prepared!

Never have I seen stitches being administered and I hope to never see it again.  My stomach churned as my daughter just wailed and cried out, “It hurt me, you hurt me!”  It took everything in me not to scream to the doctor, “Are you sure you know what you are doing?  Can’t you see you are hurting her?  Stop, put a band-aid on it and let’s go.”  I kept everything to myself and just tried to be strong for her.  I realize it was just 3 stitches, but she’s 2 and she didn’t understand what was going on.  All I wanted to do was hold her.  After the third stitch, we picked her up and left, but of course we had to get a lollipop.  I was so thankful to see her relax and enjoy her treat.

As I was checking out of the pediatrician’s office today, the nurse said, “There is a never a dull moment in the Bracknell household!”  My husband and I looked at our sweet, tired, red-eyed little girl and replied, “No there isn’t.”She took a great nap and we’ll see how tonight goes.  Prior to my birthday questions have been asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” and I can honestly respond, nothing, I have it all right here (my husband is included even though he’s not in the photo)!

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