Family Day – A New Year – January 1, 2012

Who can believe it is already 2012!  Well, we had lofty ideas on ways to spend our New Years Eve, but it ended like usual – kids in bed and me asleep on the couch hoping to stay awake till midnight.  I did wake up to the sound of fireworks and heard the music online from the ball dropping in New York.  I kissed my husband goodnight, gave a soft Happy New Year and went back to sleep.  Our 2011 memory sheets will have to be finished at a later time (we worked on them a little today).

Here is what we have been up to in this final week of 2011.

With an abundance of army men, a battle began.A special trip to Grammy’s for my son.  I found out later that he just wanted some mommy time.  That’s okay with me!The hospital where my two youngest were born has a spectacular light display around their pond for Christmas.  So, after dinner, we stopped by to see the lights.My son can ride without training wheels, but needs a little push start sometimes.  I caught his big sister being a big helper.My 2-year-old loves that she has a scooter now and can ride with her big sister and big brother.On Thursday, some dear friends of ours, the Buoy family (Mike & Ann Visual Storytellers),  came over to shoot a few family photos of us and then visited for a while.  The kids had fun playing and we had a nice time catching up.  Friday, I took all of the kiddos to Grammy & Pop Pop’s.  Our baby girl loved this little Mickey Mouse toy that also happened to be one of the puppy’s favorite toy.  They played together all day.Saturday was our local Farmer’s Market, so I took my oldest daughter with me for a little shopping.  When we arrived, I saw that the ferris wheel at our downtown square for Christmas was still there.  So, we had a little fun before the shopping began.Before our excursion, a little nail painting went on and since it is a rare occurrence, it had to be documented.Of course, how can I paint just one girl’s toes?  My 2-year-old walked around the house all day saying her fingers needed to be painted.  So, today, she got her wish.  Since, her little fingers can’t stay out of her mouth, I had opted to paint the toes only. But with her little persistence and her soft request of “Would you please paint my fingers?”, I gave in and painted her fingers, too.She was so happy and said she would keep her fingers out of her mouth.  You know, I didn’t see them in there once today.  I saw them almost go in, but then she’d stop herself.  Maybe this will do the trick?  Tomorrow will only tell!She told her sister, “No, no, don’t touch my toes.”Checking to make sure they were still okay.A little later, daddy joined in with the coloring.  Finally, our day ended eating popcorn by the cozy fire with Christmas music playing in the background.  2011 came and went so fast, I hope that 2012 will pass by a little slower!  Our first family day of 2012 is done and now begins our first week for this year.  Can we get back into a routine?  I sure hope so, but it might take a few days!

2 thoughts on “Family Day – A New Year – January 1, 2012

  1. Glad you could get a midnight kiss. My husband was at work! 😦
    You know, my daughter was a thumb sucker and she didn’t stop until I started painting her fingernails.
    Thanks for sharing your week! It looked fun.

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