Christmas Moments #150 – #167

Doesn’t Christmas come and go so quick?  We wait all year for it, then it seems to rush past us after Thanksgiving.  Where did the time go?  Our time was spent with family and friends which surpasses last year when my family was isolated for almost 3 months due to sickness.  God definitely answered our prayer for good health!

After spending Saturday with part of our family, celebrating Christmas, we drove back home.  We arrived close to midnight and then stayed up a few more hours to finalize everything.  Sunday morning began around 7 and I have to say, my kids were the most patient I have ever seen.  We had them stay in the other room till after we did our Advent reading and we ate breakfast.  There were no tantrums, no tears, they just stayed with us patiently.

I enjoyed seeing the excitement over toothbrushes, underwear, stickers, fly swatters…the simple things.  We try to have a simple Christmas – stockings and 3 gifts.  Our focus is on Jesus, not on everything under the tree.  A favorite quote from my daughter earlier in the week when asked about what she wanted for Christmas, she said that she wanted books for because after a while, you don’t play with the toys, you get bored with them, but you can always read books.

Our Christmas Moments:

150. Final Advent candle being lit.151. Singing Silent Night.152. Group effort with extinguishing the candles.

153. My 3-year-old riding his bike without training wheels (the 2nd kid to learn from Grampa).154. My 2 year old’s contentment sitting in her seat while the bike she is on is resting on the ground.155. Using a bike as an exercise bike.156. Our baby’s first Christmas and her joy with the paper and boxes.157. A helper to pick up wrapping paper.158. Pop Guns.159. Toothbrushes.160. Underwear.161. 2 sets of grandparents enjoying the kids (didn’t get a good photo with the 3rd set).(doesn’t my 2-year-old look like a dainty little princess)

(then she shows her true self in the next photo – that’s our sweet girl)

162. Enjoying new toys.163. While playing outside, I noticed my son trying to drill into our driveway.  When asked what he was doing, he calmly said he was trying to put a hole in the driveway.  (Then, he proceeded to say, “What, if I drill a hole will it crack the driveway and it would all break into pieces?”)164. First taste of pancake (and it even had Christmas sprinkles on it)(2nd photo is to show the sprinkles).165. Big sister bought her little brother and sister special gifts.

166. The result of daddy telling me to move my hair so it is out of our daughter’s face.  She then grabbed my hair and hid behind it while squealing.

167. The unique personalities of each family member.

Christmas has passed and the New Year awaits.  May you remember our Savior throughout the coming year and be a shining light to those around you.

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