I’m Officially a Gabby Mom!

A few years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Teach Magazine.  I enjoyed the articles so much, but never did subscribe because I already didn’t have time for my other subscriptions.  Thinking that someday I would subscribe, I held on to my copy.  But life happened and it slipped from my memory.

Fast forward a few years, and Teach magazine was once again brought to my attention.  As I was leaving a local used curriculum sale, I browsed by a few free items and what did I see, but a few copies of Teach magazine (which of course I snatched up).  I was filled with joy and when I got home, I searched and found my old copy.  So, off I went to my computer to look for Teach magazine and see about a subscription.

That is when I found Eternal Encouragement (Teach’s new name).  I was so happy to find all that Lorrie Flem offers on her website and began making my wish list and even purchased a few things.

That’s when I found The Gabby Moms.  Oh, wouldn’t it be great to be a part of this ministry!  So, when I saw they were accepting applications for 2012, I quickly applied.  My hopes weren’t very high because I am new to this blogging thing and thought for sure I wouldn’t be accepted.  Words can’t express how I felt when the long-awaited email was received saying, Welcome to the Gabby Moms!

Who are the Gabby Moms?  We are wives, moms, homemakers, and most importantly, we are followers of Jesus!  We are seeking to follow His word in creating our homes and shaping our families for Him!  The Gabby Moms are a group of mom bloggers who review products for Eternal Encouragement Magazine (formerly TEACH Magazine).

Join me on this journey by subscribing to my blog and once a month, I will be reviewing one of their great products!

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