Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Oh My!

Whew!  I love the holidays with all of the cooking, baking, and crafts that seem to be going on all day long, but it sure can tire you out.  Yesterday started out with a little breakfast followed by the squishing of packaging peanuts.I saw the mess that was soon to come and quickly found a few items to bury for them to find – our nativity set.  They really enjoyed their finds!Standing for my little girl must have been so tiring, so she decided to kneel down for a bit.What a beautiful day we were having, so lunch had to be eaten outside!Then what could be better than a little watercolor painting!If that wasn’t enough for the day, sugar cookies must be made, so I gathered my 3 little helpers and made some delicious treats.  If you don’t usually have little helpers, might I suggest a tablecloth on the floor to catch those random flying pieces of food.Each child picked out their own cookie cutter and had a turn rolling the dough and cutting their shapes.  They had a blast and were very patient.  Some sampling might have occurred (they enjoy cookie dough).My little bakers baked their cookies and then it was time for a few to be decorated.Our littlest girl just watched, looking forward to the day when she can enjoy her own sugar cookie.Of course, with the overload of sugar, bedtime was not so great.  But, today wasn’t too bad.  We still had special breakfast – cinnamon bread from the farmer’s market, eggs and bananas.We stayed home today and watched church online.  My oldest daughter did her listening pages while the 2 younger children played with their busy bibles.  They sat quietly through the entire sermon!Later in the day, we decided to try out our 2-year-old, unused dehydrater.  Strawberry chips anyone? The jury is still out as the last tasting had them still juicy.  Hopefully, they will turn out okay.

So, while we wait, why not try making a simple treat that I saw at the farmer’s market?  I don’t know what they are called, but they are pretzels with chocolate and m-n-ms.  Delicious!Finally, our baking ended with a few little spritz cookies with the help of my oldest girl.What a busy few days, but we had a great time baking!  Only a few mishaps – full mug of coffee spilled on the counter, bug spray sprayed on the garage carpet, full bottle of medicine dropped and spilled on the floor…  Even with all of that, we ended tonight peacefully and with some tasty treats!  Just a note, with all of the cooking and baking ahead this week, let your little helpers be a part of it.  When the day is over, the mess is cleaned up, and the cookies are gone, the special memories you created will be cherished and always remembered.

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