Christmas Activities

This week has been busy with ordering gifts to be delivered by Christmas and spending time with family.  After a trip to the farmer’s market today, I think I will be done picking out the presents.  It’s hard to believe that Christmas will be here in a week!  That day seems to come and go so fast.

When my first child was born, we decided to not tell her there was or wasn’t a Santa.  I’ve heard both sides about letting the child imagine there is and the parent telling them he isn’t real.  We opted for the imagine.  Santa isn’t part of our Christmas celebration except for the yearly photo with him (we take photos with other make-believe characters – Disney).  Kids pretend all sorts of things, so when asked about Santa, we’ve always said he’s however you imagine him to be.  This year, my daughter has said she knows he’s not real, but she still likes to pretend that he is.  My children know the real meaning of Christmas, but it’s hard to avoid Santa.  They know there was a real Saint Nicholas and that Santa was a character based on him.

Our town is beautifully lit this time of year with all of the lights and decorations.  There’s a ferris wheel, hot cocoa, cookies, and Santa.  So, on Tuesday, we bundled everyone up to capture a photo with the jolly old man.  First stop was the ferris wheel.  We couldn’t take the baby, so we had to go on separate trips.  Next, we were off to see Santa and what would it be without 1 child crying during the photo!Mrs. Claus came to the rescue.Then, the whole family got in the photo with Santa.One of my favorite quotes was when Santa asked my son what he wanted for Christmas he replied, “Um, I don’t know…whatever is on my list.”  The 2 younger ones weren’t interested and my oldest daughter said she wanted glittery nail polish and a china doll.  Later, we asked about the doll and it turns out she wants a doll that is chinese.  I’m not sure why, but we’ll see.Since it was late, we didn’t go on the hay ride, so we went back on Thursday.  The kids ran around while we waited.  They had a fun time just chasing each other.  Everyone was able to go and it was a nice ride around town.The holidays aren’t about the hustle and bustle, so don’t forget to slow down and enjoy this time with your family.  Remember what the real meaning of Christmas is and talk about it all day, every day.

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