Relished Moments – #127 – #137

Another day with almost no photos!  How can this be?  Thankfully, my dad took this photo over the weekend.  Well, I am setting my camera out tonight, so that tomorrow, moments will be captured on film, not just on my blog.

127. Sign language – My 2-year-old threw her dinner plate (filled with food) on the floor tonight.  Daddy then took her milk away to avoid a further mess.  As she was crying for her milk, her big sister and brother (who sit across from her) were signing no, shaking their heads no and telling her no.  She then gave a look (that only she can give) and said (with attitude), “Don’t say no-no, say uh huh (all the while she’s nodding her head yes and signing yes).

127. Finished Christmas cards – I might get them sent out before Christmas.

128. Unexpected gifts – my love language is gifts and it’s boosted even more when it’s unexpected.

129. The gift of a beautiful Christmas tree.

130. A decorated Christmas tree – My 7-year-old directed everyone else and I came home to a perfectly decorated tree.

131. Whipped cream on hot coffee – A treat I occasionally indulge in over the holidays.

132. Cheesy popcorn – My husband makes the best.

133. Quiet time to read – I enjoy reading.

134. Snuggle-time with my precious ones.

135. The arrival of Christmas letters.

136. Soft, warm blankets.

137. My children’s Christmas wishes – My oldest daughter wants mittens that are shaped like Michigan so she can make the perfect snowball when she gets her other gift, a white Christmas (hmm, we’re in Florida, so that might be tricky…any suggestions?).  My son wants a blue fly swatter to kill the bugs with and a gun that really shoots (he’s definitely all boy). Christmas can be a busy time of year, so don’t forget to slow down and cherish these times!  Make memories with your family, start traditions, keep a camera ready to go at all times and enjoy preparing to celebrate Christ’s birth!

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