Last Minute Plans

Unexpected moments and last-minute plans are the best!  After a day of trimming the tree and shopping, a little sword fighting was needed.  Daddy was defeated and I was the protector of baby princess.Next, what could we do that would top sword fighting?  Maybe our local Christmas parade?  After a prior year’s disappointment, we thought we would try the parade once more.  It was 5pm and the parade began at 5:30pm.  My husband called a friend of ours who recently moved and had a house for sale near the parade route and asked if we could park there.  With approval, we now had defeated the first obstacle…parking.  We packed everyone up and off we went with no time to spare.  Sirens were heard as we arrived and began the short walk to overcome our next obstacle…parade viewing.  As we walked up to the parade lines, what did we see before us, but an empty grassy area.  We put the blanket down and had finally arrived at our destination with smiles, no arguing or complaining!  My husband went off with our son to find food and I stayed with the girls.  Since the sirens were loud, we all covered our ears for protection.Then we waved and enjoyed the floats, marching bands, horses, JROTC groups, jacked up cars, old-time cars, fire engines, police cars and different breeds of dogs.  Some of these we were a little baffled at, but this is Ocala, so no explanations were needed. 

What a fun night!  On our way home, we drove around and looked at a few Christmas lights.  At last, we arrived at home, children got ready for bed and they were asleep within a few minutes of resting their heads on their pillows.  Last minute plans can sure wear you out!  After a day like yesterday, what a blessed day we had just enjoying each other!  Now off to some last-minute planning for tomorrow’s Family Day!

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